How To Make The Best Of Your Job?

You have just got yourself a new job. You are very excited about your new appointment especially since it is with a reputed company that has many years of experience in the field. You are getting a good salary and the facilities offered to you at your work place couldn’t be better. You cannot wait till the day when you have to report to work.

Required qualifications

The wait is finally over and you report to work in a very jubilant mood. You are shown to your room and you cannot believe the luxury facilities you are being given. Your boss asks you to come and meet him so that he can brief you about your work schedule. You meet your boss and he tells you that he wants you to take care of the bookkeeping in the company. Even though you have the required qualifications for the job you are quite surprised that your boss would give a new comer such a big responsibility in his company. 

Suitable person

Your boss tells you that his former employee who handled the bookkeeping in Brisbane was not suitably qualified and didn’t have the experience to handle the workloads. He also tells you that this section in his office is in a mess because he wasn’t able to find a suitable person for many months to fill up the post. It is only then that you realise how serious and responsible a job you have just undertaken to do. Your boss sees the alarmed look on your face and tells you that he has the confidence that you will handle the job well and not to worry. You are shown to the department and all the files are put in front of you. You realise what your boss has being explaining to you when you realise what a mess these files are in.

Good institution

You are horrified and cannot understand how this company managed to function for this long without a proper filing method. You immediately start putting the files in order and realise that even the financial statements need to be categorised and filed in order. After having watched you for a while another official in the department asks you from where you got your training. You are more than happy to tell her that you studied at a reputed institution that had well qualified professionals to instruct their students and gladly give her the number of the institution. You are also impressed at the fact that your training has come a long way and you can be of help to someone else.