Things To Know Before You Become An Uber Driver

Uber car services are offering their customers a good ride to their destination which is hassle free, comfortable and at affordable prices. When a driver signs up with the trustworthy car service company, he joins as independent contractor with his own car and own schedule and gets paid in weekly wages. The company has given the platform to these drivers to earn well and earn as per their own convenience. It offers many benefits to its drivers and gives them ample opportunities to do well in life.

For instance, an uber driver car loan facility gives a driver the chance to own a new car and save lots of money as the company helps them get the car through loan which they can repay back through their wages. Therefore, they not just earn here but also become the owner of an asset. This job is different from other salaried jobs as the drivers work on their own schedules which they have made and can take a leave anytime they want for their own needs. 

The lending partners of the company help drivers through uber finance service. They give them discounts and loans even when they do not have good credit history or have no credit at all. Therefore you should know what the company is offering if you join in as the driver for the company

1. As a driver for the company, you can have your own way of schedule and have the authority to decide when to work and when not to work, where to go and whom to pick. You can increase your earnings by decreasing the distance between pick-ups. Keep an on the high traffic areas, an eye on the times of the day and night when there are less drivers on road and a track about the best time and places to drive in the city.

2. The ratings are very important for the driver as it affects them significantly. A four star review can lead to the driver getting fired from his job. 4.6 is an average and anything below will get you a warning and then deactivation. Uber believes that the customer is always right and do not go to the drivers for their side of the story.

3. Uber has reduced the driver’s pay in recent times which is as much as 42%.

4. The driver needs to keep a track about their cost as they drive their own cars and wear and tear or breakdown does cost them. Keeping a track of income and expense will help you save money.